February 26, 2017

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The controversy began when Teen People announced that its upcoming February 2006 issue would include a feature story on the 13 year-old twin sisters Lynx and Lamb Gaede who are known as "Prussian Blue."  But the announcement described the twins' beliefs only as "white pride" and did not mention that they wear Hitler t-shirts, deny the Holocaust, and frequently perform at neo-Nazi events.  One of their songs, titled "Sacrifice," glorifies Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess. (To read the complete lyrics to "Sacrifice," click here.)

According to media reports, Teen People promised the twins it would refrain from using the words "hate," "supremacist," and "Nazi" in the article. 

In response to public protests, Time Inc, which publishes Teen People, announced that the article scheduled for the February edition has been canceled.

But the Wyman Institute discovered that Teen People's web site was continuing to run a second sanitized story about the Gaede twins.  The second article described their beliefs only as "white separatism" and did not explain that they are neo-Nazis and Holocaust-deniers.

In response to the Wyman Institute's protests, Time Inc spokeswoman Ali Zelenko informed the Institute that the second article has now been removed from the Teen People web site.

Dr. Medoff said:  "During the 1930s, too many in the news media failed to report accurately on the violent and racist nature of Adolf Hitler and his followers.  We dare not repeat that tragic mistake. It is particularly important that publications which appeal to young people, such as Teen People, report fully and accurately on groups like Prussian Blue, which are poisoning the minds of America's youth with their racist hate."