February 26, 2017

Action Needed

Proposal to Name Streets in Jerusalem After Holocaust Rescue Heroes

Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton is considering the introduction of a resolution to rename two streets in Jerusalem, one after Hillel Kook (Peter Bergson), the other after Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel. The Wyman Institute has written to Councilwoman Fenton in support of the proposal.

Kook's political action campaigns alerted the American public about the Holocaust and pressured the Roosevelt administration to create the War Refugee Board, which helped saved over 200,000 lives. Rabbi Weissmandel, a leading rescue activist in Slovakia during the Holocaust, undertook extraordinary efforts to save Jews from deportation to the death camps, and played an important role in alerting Jewish leaders and government officials abroad about the mass murder of Europe's Jews.

The naming of streets in Jerusalem after Hillel Kook and Rabbi Weissmandel is a most appropriate way to honor the memory of two individuals who sacrificed so much in order to rescue Jews from the Nazis. It will also help educate the next generation about these heroic men who had the courage to speak out during history's blackest years.

Those interested in expressing their support for the resolution can contact Councilwoman Mina Fenton by fax at: 011-972-2-629-7294

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